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You may also choose from the wide variety of multiple luxurious apartments which we are renting worldwide.

Duplex Double Occupancy Studio Apartments

Get access to both our double occupancy studios on our ground floor that offers privacy for each group.  The first studio includes a queen-size bed while the second includes two single beds with ensuite bathrooms. 

Prices start at: $2,500 for 2 nights (+taxes and fees)

Double Occupancy Single Beds

The Double Occupancy Apartment with two single beds is a studio apartment with poolside views and comes equipped with free access to Wifi, Netflix, air-conditioning for your comfort.

Prices start at: $1,300 for 2 nights (+taxes and fees)

Seaview Apartment

When you stay at Seaview Apartment, your days will be filled with the sounds of crashing waves and gentle breezes. The three private bedrooms are located on opposite ends of a spacious living area which is equipped for entertainment purposes like Cable Television.

Prices start at: $3,600 for 2 nights (+taxes and fees)